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The Eldon Juke Joint

Juke Joint

An evening of booze, blues and dancing shoes in the Eldon House pop-up Juke Joint. Wind the clock back to Prohibition Era America when the only liquor was moonshine liquor and the only place to drink was … well that would be telling!


Musical entertainment will be provided by  Blind Justice Page performing an excellent selection country-blues, hokum, dirty blues and some old timey songs each one selected for their danceability. Slow drag, fish tail and funky butt are allowed … even that Jitterbug thing, we don’t mind.


A fine selection of , ahem, “teas” and “malted milk” will be available. Cocktails? Perish the thought,  in a dry town.


Dress code.  We don’t discriminate. Hobos, drifters, Great Gatsby wannabes, even peaky blinders.  So long as you dress for the occasion. All are welcome. 

8.30 Saturday 7 December. 

Eldon House, Lower Clifton Hill

Tickets £5

Copyrights Steve Page all rights reserved

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