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Moonshine & Dust

- an American Story
Blind Justice Page

This is the true story of Bert Hinton and Agnes Hough, my Great, Great Uncle and Aunt.

Moonshine and Dust tells Bert and Agnes's story through classic Americana songs and songs inspired by their adventures. 


In 1914 Bert followed his brothers to America in search of work and hoping to avoid the looming catastrophe of the First World War. Two years earlier Agnes made the same journey hoping for a new start in a new land, leaving behind the daughter she had out of wedlock. A cook her only capital was the book of recipes she took with her. 


There is plenty of heartache, and heartbreak in Moonshine & Dust. Along the way there is war, plantation life, bootlegging, liquor and the public hanging of Charlie Birger.


Above all this is the story of how Bert and Agnes were saved by their love for eachother.

Steve Page September 2018

Blind Justice Page
Blind Justice Page
Hobo Lullaby
Agnes' Song
Charlie Birger
The Way the Light Falls
Charlie Birger gang, Harrisburg Town, Illinois
Postcard - the Charlie Birger gang
Cross Stitch by Agnes Hinton
Cross stitch sampler made by Agnes - the only remaining artefact that belonged to Bert and Agnes

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