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Steve Page & the Open Secrets

Steve’s debut The Age of Plenty was released in 2011 on Zebulon records. The album shows off his talents as a consummate songwriter.

His brand of Americana ranges from intimate love songs to the title track, a knockabout anthem for a world going to hell in a handcart.

Page was joined on the album by blues master Eddie Martin on harmonica and slide guitar. Emma Hooper of The Cedar and Waitress for the Bees adds Viola and Harmony vocals. The line-up was completed by Philip David on bass and Chicago keyboard player Charlie Williams.


The Open Secrets self-titled debut album was released in 2013.


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Praise for the Age of Plenty

"This is a wonderfully compiled album ... I truthfully never look for what is wrong with a record. Instead, I prefer to look for what is right with it. I had no trouble searching for what was right with this incredible piece of work. Additionally, it is a damn good thing I do not look for what might have been wrong with it. It most likely would have proven to be an impossible task. "

- Rod Ames, From Under the Basement (Sep 11, 2011)

"The Age of Plenty is an album for lovers of melancholy which grabs you by the throat with its innovative, intriguing and intensely beautiful music. Lyrics inspired by the literary works of Tim Winton, Annie Proulx and Jareed Diamond, combine with Page's strong guitar playing and tuneful viola from Emma Hooper to create a beautiful album. The more you play 'The Age of Plenty' the better it gets. Stunning numbers such as 'One Night with You' hit you deep to the core. With the dark voice of Steve Page and the subtle musical framework you know the 10 intimate compositions will overwhelm and drag you away. This is a warm and emotional dream album."

- Johan Schoenmakers, altcountryforum (Netherlands

Praise for the Open Secrets


"...there is a real depth and quality in their interpretation of that traditional bluegrass theme ... there were a couple of times that I found myself being reminded of David Rawlings protégés Old Crow Medicine Show  (FATEA Magazine)


The Open Secrets portray probably the best natural American country sound I’ve heard and if you are a lover of American country music then you should give these guys a listen. 

Copyrights Steve Page all rights reserved

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